Frequently Asked Questions for The Houston Family Foundation 2021 Grant Cycle



1. How do I apply for a grant?
The first step in applying for a grant from Houston Family Foundation, is to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) through our online application portal – Click here to get started.



2. Who may submit a request to the Houston Family Foundation?
All applicants must have a current 501(c)(3) determination letter or otherwise valid tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Act. The Foundation is unlikely to support individual schools, camps, congregations, or youth groups except in remarkable cases with a unique nature merit Foundation consideration.



3. What types of funding does the Foundation provide?
We provide General Operating Support, Program Support, and Capital Support in exceptional cases with nonprofits with which we have current relationships.



4. What issue areas does the Houston Family Foundation fund?
We typically fund organizations that work in the following fields: Arts, Civic Affairs, Education, Environment, Health, and Social Services.



5. What amount should I request in my Letter of Inquiry?
The Houston Family Foundation does not guide organizations on the amount of their request. Instead, we recommend that you make this decision based on your organization’s size and the size of past grants from the Houston Family Foundation and other foundations.



6. Does the Foundation provide multi-year funding?
Not at this time.



7. How many grants are awarded each year?
Between 70 and 90 grants are awarded each year.



8. My organization has a fiscal sponsor. Can we apply for a grant?
Yes, the Foundation will consider unique circumstances to provides grants to organizations with fiscal sponsors.



9. I work for a local branch of a national nonprofit organization. Can we apply for a grant?
Organizations that provide services in the Coachella Valley may apply.



10. I recently received a grant from the Houston Family Foundation. When may I submit another Letter of Inquiry?
A past grantee is not eligible until the current grant is closed, and the Foundation has received reports.



11. Can I submit a proposal after the deadline?
The Foundation does not accept late proposals.



12. May I have a meeting or a phone call with a Foundation Staff regarding my organization’s eligibility or LOI proposal?
Please reach out to us via our website under the Contact Us with a description of your question.



13. How will I know if my LOI has been approved to move forward to the application stage?
We will reach out via email to your organization’s President or the staff person that submitted your LOI to invite your organization to submit a full application. Please be sure that all contact information is up-to-date on your organization’s profile. Every applicant will receive a final decision.



14. Our LOI was declined. Can you tell us why? How soon can we re-apply?
Due to time constraints on our staff, the Foundation cannot provide individualized feedback on declines. An organization that has been declined and meets the Foundation’s guidelines is eligible to re-apply in the next grant cycle.



15. What kinds of supporting documentation will we be asked to submit with the LOI and the Grant Application?
Supporting documents and information requested will be based on the size of the grant request.



16. Will you schedule a site visit with us?
The Foundation may conduct a site visit during or after the application process. If we decide to do a site visit, we will contact the organization to schedule a date and time.



17. What do I do if I forgot my password for my account on the online grants portal?
Please click on the “Forgot Password” button on the login page.



18. Who do I contact if I have questions about the online application portal?
Contact the Foundation via our Contact Page – Click Here.

We thank you for your dedication to and support for those in need.