The Houston Family Foundation


“In maintaining the high integrity and goals first established by Jim and Jackie Lee Houston, the Houston Family Foundation looks to support leadership through the opportunity to collaborate and enhance the common good by providing funds to support Science/Medical, Education, The Arts and Human Social Services.


Science / Medical


The Arts

Social Services

All applicants must have a current 501(c)(3) determination letter or otherwise valid tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Act. The Foundation is unlikely to support individual schools, camps, congregations, or youth groups except in remarkable cases with a unique nature merit Foundation consideration.

From time to time, the Directors may elect to support nonprofit organizations of particular interest within the Foundation’s broad charter. Still, they may be outside of the Foundation’s current areas of emphasis. The Directors initiate such grants at their discretion; unsolicited proposals are not accepted for special projects.

We thank you for your dedication to and support for those in need.